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Adorn your projects with our Colorful Beads, Line Cut Beads, Brown Silver Line Cut Beads, Blue Rainbow Beads, Yellow Opec Beads, Jewelry Pipe Beads...

An Overview

Throughout the world, beads have diverse purpose and meaning in both historical and modern cultures. Although, a bead is smaller in size, yet possesses the capability to enhance the look of jewelry, apparel or any handmade gift item. Taking into consideration the importance of beads in our daily lives, we, Raghav Moti Centre started our business operations as a manufacturer and wholesaler of Colorful Beads, Line Cut BeadsBlue Opec Beads, Red Jewelry Water Beads, Orange Rainbow Beads, Blue Silver Line Cut Beads, Green Inside Beads and many more of impeccable quality. The versatility and visual appeal of beads continue to win the hearts of people since time immemorial and this is why, our customer base ranges from clothing industry to art industry, jewelry industry to footwear industry, etc. With our excellent manufacturing capability, we are able to produce our aforesaid and more bead types in a multitude of sizes and colors.

Reliable Business Entity

We are a company to rely upon and this is not something that we say, but our customers. Our customers always choose us when it comes to buying Multicolor Pipe Beads, Green Silver Line Cut Beads, etc., because they believe that we are committed toward our work and to them. We train our employees to be professional at their job and give never our customers a single chance of disappointment.

Infrastructural Facility

To choose a company that is a step ahead in every factor is hard to find. But, we assure that your search will end once you associate with our Delhi, India based business. We have invested a lot in our base to ensure that it depicts our work culture. Also, we keep improving each section of our infrastructure to ensure our facilities always remain updated. We keep a tab to update not only our infrastructure, but the equipment we have installed at different units of our company. Each equipment and tool is updated on regular basis to enhance the productivity of Blue Jewelry Water Beads, Purple Inside Beads, etc. The units that we have at our base are listed below:
  • Research and development
  • Quality control unit
  • Production factory
  • Packaging unit
  • Warehouse, etc.

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